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Here are a few of the every best places we recommend to visit and explore during your visit to BaysHill House. Things that will inspire you to get out and experience this magical part of Wales with its rich history and wild untamed countryside.  Be it the medieval castles that still line the Towy valley or the wild mountain scenes of the Brecon Beacons and Black mountains, there is something for everyone, waiting to be explored.

For more detailed and comprehensive information on things to visit around the area, check out the directory. This includes lots of different tried and tested destinations, from great mountain and road biking routes to the best fishing and golfing destinations. All just moments away from Llandeilo. 

Top things to do & see locally.

Dinefwr Park and Castle is a historic place in the history of Wales. A National Trust estate and only minutes walk from BaysHill House. A magical land of power and influence for more than 2,000 years, two forts are evidence of a dominant Roman presence. The powerful Lord Rhys held court at Dinefwr and influenced decisions across Wales. The visionaries, George and Cecil Rice designed the superb 18th-century landscape that you see today. There are marked trails around the parklands taking in the medieval castle as well as Newton House built in 1660 and home to the Rhys family. They were descendants of the powerful Princes of Deheaubarth, who ruled from Dinefwr Castle.The Deer Park, medieval castle, lakes and woodland are waiting to be explored.

The imposing remains of Carreg Cennen castle sit on top of dramatic limestone crag overlooking the world. Steep slopes and cliffs made this sight easy to defend and there is evidence to suggest that it may have been occupied in the Iron Age and later by the Romans. The first castle was built by a Welsh prince in the late 12th century.  Over the next 100 years it changed hands several times and in 1277  was seized by the English King Edward and the original castle was destroyed, then replaced by the impressive fortress that remains today.  The castle grounds are an ideal starting point to begin walks in the beautiful surrounding Brecon Beacons with many designated paths that are easy to follow that take in the wonderful countryside.

This is a real treasure of South Wales and has gathered a reputation around the country for its world famous gardens and house that has been restored to the original state.


Aberglasney is a medieval house and gardens in the heart of rural Carmarthenshire in West Wales, it is reputed to have one of the best gardens in Great Britain. The gardens have been an inspiration to artists since 1477 and the house, now restored to its original splendour has a rich and colourful history that will inspire you, as it has previous generations.

The Brecon Beacons are a 520 sq km area that include the biggest mountains, the highest waterfalls and the largest natural lake and deepest caves in South Wales. Remote moorland and farmland, woods and rivers create a beautiful picture. You can also find  ancient remains from prehistoric  standing stones to medieval castles and 19th century industrial relics.


There is a never ending list of how to enjoy a day or week in the Brecon Beacons be it by foot, bike or horseback. Check out the directory pages for more ideas and trips and there are visitor centres in Brecon, Abergavenny and Llandovery to help you plan your adventures.

These unique gold mines are set amongst majestic wooded hillsides overlooking the beautiful Cothi Valley. The land has been mined for over 2000 years old, and there is evidence of opencast mining at Dolaucothi from the 6th century BC. It is known that the Romans began serious mining here in AD75 and brought in thousands of slaves to extract the gold for the Imperial Mint at Lyon.  Underground mining continued throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. 


Here at the Roman and Victorian mines you can experience the old mining methods and even have a go at searching for gold! The area surrounded by lovely walks through the valley and make a wonderful day out.

It's a short drive to the treasures that lie on the quiet and tranquil West Wales coastline. The small and picturesque town of Laugharne where Dylan Thomas wrote many of his works from the boat house situated on the banks of the River Taf. You can visit the boat house as well as the imposing castle that was established in 1116. A short distance away is Pendine sands, the home of the original land speed records including the informous Bluebird and BABS of the 1920's. 

Travel a little further into Pembrokeshire you reach the iconic seaside town of Tenby with its glorious sandy beaches and Caldey Island. From here coastal paths can take you all the way to St Davids through the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

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